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Change of Venue

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

The Emerald Tokyo Anime Club, Summer Movie Nights was a big hit last year. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated! Sadly, because of some minor creative differences, we are no longer able to use the location at Calvary Tyrone. This fall, we will be trying to hold some meetings at the Tyrone Snyder Public Library instead. They're a lot more flexible on the acceptance of the depiction of Japanese folklore; namely the spiritual and cultural influences on the art form. Hopefully, you will still come and watch some awesome anime with us while learning about Japanese Culture.

Mark you Calendar

The very first meeting for 2019, is for August 15th, at 5PM. We will continue the viewing of Anime, but we will start showing random episodes of some lesser known series to introduce viewers to some stuff they may not have seen on various networks in the USA. We will also focus a lot more on activities such as art lessons, cosplay, and more. So, don't forget to dress up as your favorite anime characters or even an OC if you're brave enough! See you there!


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