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New Year, New Directions, New Websites

The Emerald Tokyo Anime Club and Emerald Angel Comics websites are now going to be two individual websites.

Since the Emerald Tokyo Anime Club has taken off since the Summer Movie Nights event in 2018 and the Club has continued at the Library in 2019, it felt like the right time to split the two websites off from one another. The Emerald Angel Comics website will be undergoing a total make-over while the Emerald Tokyo Anime Club will sport its own brand new website. (Which you're probably reading this on.)

It was about time that things were trimmed down and cleaned up. Emerald Angel Comics tried to stretch in too many different directions over the years. So, a lot of the old is going to be thrown out. This includes ditching projects that were just never meant to be. The focus is being trimmed down to exactly what the name says "Comics."

Emerald Tokyo Anime Club is NOT one of the things that we decided to get rid of. Victoria and I decided that it should be renewed and continued into the new year. It will be difficult to balance both the club and the comics, but we hope to have more volunteers in the group this year.


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